101 Freeway reopens after closing for construction again

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Drivers on the 101 Freeway this weekend weren't able to rely on their typical route as construction on the Sixth Street Viaduct in Downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights. The highway, however, reopened early than expected Saturday night.

The 101 Freeway shut down for miles in both directions for the entire weekend, beginning Friday night, as construction continued. Drivers navigated the closure with detours the entire weekend.

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The closure affected a 2.5-mile stretch, beginning where the 10 and 101 freeways diverge and stretching to the interchange for the 5, 10, and 101 freeways east of downtown Los Angeles.

The closure began at 10 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 5, and was expected to last until 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 7. Crews wrapped up ahead of schedule and reopened ahead of schedule late Saturday.

A shutdown two weekends ago lasted Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

Drivers traveling west on the 60 Freeway out of Pomona were unable to access the 101.

Drivers headed north on the 5 Freeway out of Orange County weren't able to access the northbound 101 exit. Exits to the westbound 10 and northbound 5 will be open. Transportation officials recommend taking the northbound 710 Freeway to the westbound 10. Another option is the westbound 10 to the northbound 110.

If you were traveling westbound on the 60 Freeway out of Pomona, you could take the northbound 710 to the westbound 10. You could also take the westbound 10 to the northbound 110.

And for drivers headed south on the 101 out of the San Fernando Valley, as you approach the 10 and 101 freeways split, the southbound 101 exit was closed. Access to the eastbound 10, however, will remain accessible. The city recommended taking the southbound 110 to the eastbound 10. You could have also taken the eastbound 10 to the southbound 710.

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