California’s new COVID-19 workplace rules go into effect Friday

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LOS ANGELES (KNX) — New workplace COVID-19 rules go into effect statewide on Friday, including updated requirements around testing and masks.

Under the revised rules, employees are no longer able to administer self tests at home and personally report results. Tests will have to be conducted in front of a health care professional or workplace supervisor, or the employee can be tested at a laboratory.

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If there is an outbreak at work, employers must provide FDA-approved COVID-19 tests to exposed employees free of charge and during paid shifts.

Before the revised rules were issued, if a fully vaccinated person was exposed to a COVID-positive colleague, but was asymptomatic, they did not need to be sent home from work to isolate. That’s no longer the case — even vaccinated, asymptomatic workers must be sent home from work unless they wear a mask and maintain social distancing of at least six feet from all other coworkers at all times for two weeks.

Masks will still need to be worn in the workplace — but coverings need to be surgical masks, medical masks, respirators, or a cloth mask of at least two layers.

The new rules are set to expire in April.

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