Diverse group of civil rights leaders in LA County is unified in fight against hate


A diverse group of civil rights leaders in Los Angeles County is unified in the fight against hate.

They came together to shine their collective light.

"An attack against any one of us is an attack against all of us," says Salam Al-Marayati, with the Muslim Public Affairs Council. "Those who continue to promote perpetuate hate and scapegoating are cowards. They will not come here in the light of day to say anything. So the more we bring out light the more we will stamp out this hatred."

​They engaged in a moment of silence for those killed in the Atlanta-area spa shootings, most of them Asian women.

Connie Chung Joe, with Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles, says "We know that, within the Asian community, certain groups are being targeted more for attack such as women, seniors and immigrants because they are perceived to be weaker or less likely to fight back."

She says their anti-Asian discrimination program provides free services and resources to the community including a confidential, multi-lingual help line and a victim’s advocate.