COVID-19 hospitalizations in LA County on the rise

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COVID-19 cases are soaring in Los Angeles County with more than 2,000 cases reported on Sunday. Even more concerning is that an increasing number of those testing positive are ending up in the hospital.

LA County Public Health reported 2,089 new cases to be exact, 4 deaths and a 50 percent rise in hospitalizations.

Although cases remain at a lower point than they have been during any of the previous surges, the number of new cases jumped 135 percent in the first two weeks of July.

“This is still very much a crisis. We’re not out of this. Hospitalizations are moving in the wrong direction,” said Andrew Noymer, an epidemiologist at UC Irvine.

He urged those who have not yet received their jabs to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Vaccination is something we do for ourselves, but we [also] do for others.”

Dr. Angelique Campen told KNX it is now younger patients being hospitalized.

“It is no longer the older, more sickly people. It is [people in their] 30s and 40s with no underlying health issues who are coming in and getting hospitalized.”

Campen added that her patients are experiencing severe symptoms.

“[Patients are] not just getting sick and feeling miserable and terrible for two weeks but actually requiring to be in the hospital, have oxygen therapy and some of them have to end up on a ventilator. Some of them die.”

LA County’s Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer warned that the Delta variant was one of the most aggressive and infectious respiratory diseases out there.

More than 90 percent of those currently hospitalized are people who have not been vaccinated.

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