Demonstrators congregate at L.A. city councilmember's home one day after passage of new protest rule


President of the Los Angeles City Council Nury Martinez tweeted on Wednesday that a group of demonstrators "trespassed" on her property one day after the body passed a new rule banning protests within 100 yards of a target's home.

"They trespassed on my property—calling out for me, filming both my home and the contents inside my car," Martinez tweeted, along with security camera footage of what appears to be four men standing and walking on the councilmember's driveway. They look into the window's of a car parked on the property. One appears to be filming the incident.

Martinez said that while she was at work when the demonstrators showed up, her family was inside the home at the time.

This is the second group to protest outside the councilmember's home in recent days. On Sunday, a group "banged on the front door" and allegedly harassed Martinez's neighbors, she said.

Jason Lefkowitz, a comedian turned activist who allegedly carries a list of L.A. councilmembers' home addresses, has openly called for opponents of vaccine and masking mandates to intimidate lawmakers into voting "[their] way."

"Whoever votes yes, we're coming to your door," Lefkowitz said at an anti-vaccine protest in Santa Monica on Saturday in which he threatened "civil war."

"We're coming to your home," he said.

"I'm done with threats aimed at public servants," Martinez tweeted Monday.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told KNX as of Thursday morning they had not yet received a complaint from the councilmember about Wednesday's alleged trespassing and were not presently investigating the incident.

Neither the LAPD nor Councilmember Martinez's office have confirmed the identities of the individual involved. KNX will update this story as more information is received.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Office of L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez