Former KNX Hero helps students get active after year of COVID-19

Hundreds of thousands of students in Southern California spent last summer under tight health restrictions, due to COVID.

But things are different now.

We check in with a former KNX "Helpful Honda" Hero of the Week, who's preparing kids in Santa Ana for a summer of activity!

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Every year, The Kevin Armstrong M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation provides middle school kids with running programs and equipment to keep them active and healthy. In fact, the foundation has handed-out more than 1,700 new pairs of running shoes to low income students.

This summer, the stakes are a bit higher, after a year of staying indoors. Former KNX Hero Karen Armstrong runs The Kevin Armstrong M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation. In an effort to combat the effects of social isolation, she and her team have launched a new program, called “Go F.A.R.”

"F.A.R. is Fun Active Running," explains Karen. "We wanted to create an app-based running activity. Go F.A.R. came about as a way to connect with our students, to remind them to turn-off electronics, get outside and get active!"

Kids use the phone app to track their progress and record their distance. Karen says the runners and walkers can also network and be interactive. "They are uploading photos. They are putting in comments, sharing with one another words of encouragement and support!"

The challenge is also great way to for teachers and administrators to provide a team-building event, or a summer assignment. Of course, there are incentives, with top runners in each challenge receiving a special gift card!

"We also give students a swag bag," explains Karen. Inside will be a Go F.A.R. t-shirt, some healthy snacks, and a book to read. "It’s written by a teacher in the Santa Ana Unified School District."

Karen says a two-week challenge at McFadden Intermediate School just concluded, with the top two runners logging a combined 120 miles!

"It's our hope that our students - now that they have seen what a good time they can have - hopefully they can 'go far' and participate in the challenge over the summer!"

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