KNX Hero grew out hair to help kids battle cancer

Our KNX Helpful Honda Hero of the Week is a 2nd grader from the Inland Empire, who's showing us that age doesn't matter when it comes to helping others!

Sometimes the heart pulls us to do something out of the ordinary. For Ezra Felix, it happened to him when he was just 5 years old!

"He saw a commercial, a St. Jude's commercial, probably a few weeks before he came to us," explains Jessica Felix, his mother. "So, he must have been thinking about it for a while. One day, he came home from school and said 'I decided to grow out my hair out!' And, then he was like 'mom, it’s to help the sick kids.' So, of course I had to say yes!"

Ezra Felix haircut
Photo credit  Jessica Felix

Ezra grew his hair out for about two years, and recently cut it all off! I spoke with the now 7 year-old to see how it went:

Heather- "I heard that you cut you hair?"
Ezra- "I did! Ten and a half inches!"
H- "Did it ever get in your face?"
E- "No."
H- "Did you have to brush it a lot?"
E- "Yes."
H- "When you cut your hair off, were you nervous?"
E- "Yes!"
H- "What did your teachers say?"
E- "They were so proud of me!"

Ezra went on to explain that he's already working on his next act of kindness!

Ezra- "I'm gonna donate clothes and toys to the homeless!"
Heather- "Do you know they need help, is that why?"
E- "Yeah."
H- "Does it make you feel good, when you help others?"
E- "Uh huh."
H- "What kind of toys are you giving away? Do you know?"
E- "I have a lot, actually!"
H- "You have a lot?"
E- "I have about 1,295."
H- "Oh, my gosh, that is so many toys! I love it."
E- "And, we're going to feed the homeless on the river bottom."
H- "Wow! You are going to be busy, aren't you? Are you going to have enough time to do your homework?"

Dr. Vance Nichols is the head of school at Alta Loma Christian, where Ezra is a student. He says the 7 year-old is an inspiration to all of us!

"Kids can always do more, than what most people think!" explains Dr. Nichols. “You know, Ezra has spent most of two years dedicating himself to being part of this healing process for others. What a great thing to do! And, what a great example for all of us, no matter how old or young we are. All of us have the capacity to do great things, and sometimes we have to be reminded by our kids. And, he is a great kid!"

Ezra Felix
Photo credit Jessica Felix

Ezra Felix of Grand Terrace is our KNX Hero of the Week!

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Jessica Felix