KNX hero inspires kids to be great through sports

LOS ANGELES (KNX) - A coach from Inglewood is inspiring kids to be great! She is our KNX Hero of the Week, and her passion to help others has taken her all the way to the Tokyo Paralympic Games!

Coach La Tijera Avery is the founder and president of the Pass It Forward Foundation. The name says it all. Coach LaTi and her team use sports, like basketball, to pass on support and inspiration, with a mission to transform the lives of underserved youth.

"Pass It Forward is a small, non-profit organization I started about five years ago," explains the coach, "to support youth [allowing them to have] access to elite sports training. I realized that there were a lot of kids who [weren't able] to afford the park service program. They couldn't pay, or they had several siblings so their parents couldn't afford to pay. So, I personally started helping pay some of the fees and costs for kids to participate."

Coach La Tijera Avery standing next to child while holding basketball
Photo credit Coach La Tijera Avery

The 31 year-old former college track and field star [University of Nevada-Reno] supports about fifty high school students at any given time.

"Our ultimate goal now, is to have a health and wellness center," says the coach. "We had the pleasure to partner with a local organization, to have an actual physical location, [since] we've always been mobile!"

"My goal is to bring more support for them, to teach them life skills. To make sure they have a community of kids they can relate to. Instead of wanting to be part of the gang-life, they are choosing [the] brother and sister-hood within Pass It Forward."

Coach LaTi has passed her knowledge of sports, high jump in particular, to a young athlete from Los Angeles. With her by his side, he made Team USA for the Paralympics! That athlete, former KNX Hero Ezra Frech, just missed the medal stand in Tokyo last year, placing 4th.

His dad, Clayton Frech of Angel City Sports, says Coach LaTi was instrumental in Ezra's success.

"She's been an incredible friend, mentor, and coach. Everything, motivator, wrapped into one! She's incredibly generous with her time. I think the word 'selfless' is what sort of embodies her spirit. I see the work she does for her community. She's a true hero!"

Coach La Tijera Avery and her team
Photo credit Coach La Tijera Avery

Coach LaTijera Avery of the Pass it Forward Foundation is our KNX Hero of the Week!

"I want to pass things on, the knowledge that I've learned, so people can have a better life," says the coach.

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