Our KNX Hero of the Week is using gardening and organization skills to help thousands.

Feeding the hungry! Our KNX Hero of the Week is using her gardening & planning skills to help thousands!
Nourish LA | Nuestros Alimentos Team Photo credit Nourish LA | Natalie Flores

LOS ANGELES (KNX) - When the pandemic began, our KNX Hero of the Week, Natalie Flores, founded Nourish LA in her backyard to help families who were suddenly without food due to the shutdowns.

Fruit, bread, eggs, and more provided by urban farmers, restaurants, and grocery stores - Nourish LA connects those with excess to those in need.

It started with a few hundred people and an assembly line in her backyard, but Natalie tells KNX News reporter Heather Jordan it's now grown to multiple food distribution and compost sites, helping thousands every week!

Listen to the whole conversation above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Nourish LA | Natalie Flores