LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, local officials making last-minute appeals to people to fill out the census


There are only a few hours left to fill out the census.

“There is literally no time to waste,” says Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti who is among the local officials urging people to get it done now.

With federal funding and representation on the line, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and other local officials are making last-minute appeals to people to fill out the questionnaire.

While the city and other plaintiffs got lower courts to order the Census Bureau to keep counting through the end of the month, the US Supreme Court this week allowed the Trump administration to cut it short.


"This has been the most difficult census in decades if not centuries,” says Paul Ong, director of UCLA's Center for Neighborhood Knowledge.

He says “We face two major problems, one is the pandemic which made it very difficult for people to respond and very difficult for census workers to go out and knock on doors and second one is the politicization of the whole process.”

Ong predicts the results will be "very flawed" with likely a "massive" undercount of minorities and low-income people.

The count is used to determine both federal funding and representation.

While it's about to end, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer vows the legal battle over "an accurate Census isn't over."