WATCH VIDEO: LA takes a new step in contactless delivery of goods using robots like Coco


LA takes a new step in contactless delivery of goods and item using robots and the test area for the technology is downtown San Pedro.

It has four wheels, stands two feet high by 18 inches wide with an insulated carrier and is steered and guided to its destinations by a human being sitting at a control console.

It's called Coco and it has a range of about a mile, according to its developer Zach Rash.

"Our remotely piloted vehicles provide local delivery at about half the cost of car-based delivery methods and we do this without direct human contact diminishing the risk of COVID exposure to both businesses and for the residents ordering the food," he says.

The proposal has been given a green-light by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and City Councilman Joe Buscaino, who termed it another embracing of high tech by the city to serve people and businesses better not only during the pandemic but in the future.

The program, depending on the amount of business done by restaurants and other stores, might eventually wind up with half a dozen COCO’s roaming the streets and getting goods to people who need both the items and convenience of delivery.

Featured Image Photo Credit: KNX 1070 News/Pete Demetriou