Labor Day travelers flock to LAX while Southwest pilots picket

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If you’re flying out of Los Angeles International Airport for Labor Day weekend, get ready for a long wait.

That’s the official advice from LAX spokesperson Victoria Spilabotte, who told KNX News travelers should prepare ahead of time to ensure a smooth journey.

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“It starts at home with checking in online with your airline, so when you get to the airport you are already checked in,” she said.

Spilabotte also advised travelers who are driving to the airport to book a parking spot ahead of time at

“We’ve been seeing, especially on holiday travel weekends, that our garages, including our economy parking garage, which has 4300 spaces, either filling up or reaching near-capacity.”

More than half a million passengers are expected to move through the airport over the next two days, with Friday being the busiest day of the weekend. Spilabotte said things are expected to slow down over the weekend, but LAX will be hopping again on Monday.

Travelers hitting the airport on Thursday should also be prepared to run into some picket lines. More than 1,200 Southwest Airlines pilots will be picketing today at five of the country’s busiest airports, including LAX.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association says they’ve been trying for three years to reach an agreement with the airline. Rather than a strike or work stoppage, they’re calling Thursday’s action an “informational picket” to publicly express their frustration.

Southwest says it doesn't expect flight disruptions due to the picket.

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