U.S. Marines detain smash-n-grab suspects in a Torrance fashion center

U.S. Marines save the day in Del Amo Fashion Center
Burglar is stealing expensive jewelry Photo credit Getty Images

TORRANCE, Calif. (KNX) - A team of criminals who tried to rob a jewelry store in the Del Amo Fashion Center Wednesday night didn't count on some United States Marines being on the scene.

KNX News's Pete Demetriou reports that a 'smash and grab' team entered Daniel's Jewelry store in Torrance at around seven o'clock Wednesday night.

Armed with hammers, the team of four began breaking glass display cases with little concern that an Armed Forces recruitment center was right next door.

Marine Staff Sergeant Josue Fragozo Medina was interviewing an applicant when he heard the noise, assessed the situation, and took action.

"Once I saw they didn't have any weapons on them, I grabbed one and tackled him down."

As a second of the four suspects was running out the door, Staff Sergeant Medina says he saw his applicant grab him, "...so that was great."

The jewelry store managers are so grateful; they say they are working on a way to repay the Marines for their help.

Listen to the whole interview above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images