Asian Carp rebranded, now called 'Copi'

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In an effort to increase cooking and consumption of the Asian Carp, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has given the fish a new name: Copi.

Chefs say the fish is mild and has a pleasant texture, and is very versatile. But because of its name, people have reservations about eating it. The DNR's announcement video said that while most carp are bottom feeders, Asian Carp are top feeders, and are raised in clean freshwater, and people shouldn't be skeptical about eating them.

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The Asian Carp isn't the first fish to be renamed to increase interest and consumption. Chilean Seabass was previously called Patagonian Toothfish, and the Orange Roughy was previously called Slimehead. The tactic has been used for years to increase sales of something that may have previously been perceived as undesirable.

Copi representatives say it's a sustainable fish to use, since its presence in Lake Michigan could become overwhelming if it isn't curbed.

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