Conservative Jewish group to hold mask-burning party


The leader of a group throwing a massive house party tonight during which attendees plan to toss their masks into a bonfire says he means no disrespect.

A party being organized by the Dallas Jewish Conservatives group is planning to build a bonfire tonight at a house in Collin County, then burn their face masks to celebrate the end of the statewide mandates.

Benji Gershon with the Dallas Jewish Conservatives he says the party isn’t meant to offend anyone.

"It's about embracing freedom and liberty, and being able to make your own personal choices in life" said Gershon.

At this point, organizers say more than 250 people have signed up to attend the party.

Gershon says attendees will observe moment of silence for those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. There will also be several speakers and live entertainment.

Masks, of course, are optional.

Featured Image Photo Credit: GettyImages