RFK Jr. says he would take more votes from Trump than Biden as 3rd-party candidate

robert f. kennedy jr.
Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks at a Hispanic Heritage Month event at Wilshire Ebell Theatre on September 15, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. Photo credit Mario Tama/Getty Images

In an exclusive interview with KNX News, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed the Democratic party is attempting to “rig the primary for president.” And he isn’t ruling out the possibility of a third-party campaign.

“They’ve been very open that they do not want anybody running against President Biden and that he is the candidate,” Kennedy told KNX In Depth’s Rob Archer and Charles Feldman.

Kennedy pointed out that the Democratic Party is engaged in joint fundraising efforts with President Joe Biden, the party’s leading 2024 nominee.

He also misrepresented an ongoing dispute about Democratic primary dates in Iowa and New Hampshire, claiming falsely that “if any candidate, which is me, campaigns in those states, all of the votes that are cast for that candidate in those states will go instead to President Biden.”

Kennedy, who is currently polling at 12% to Biden’s 67%, said that if he lost the Democratic nomination, he would consider running as an independent or third-party candidate.

“I have to look at all my options,” he said. “I don’t know what I would do, but if the Democratic Party just tells me you cannot win, you’re not welcome to participate, I would look at other options.”

Kennedy dismissed concerns that a third-party candidacy would skew the election in favor of former President Donald Trump, saying he would “take many more votes from President Trump than I do from President Biden.” Polling data shows that Kennedy is more popular with Republicans than with Democrats.

Kennedy also addressed the controversy surrounding his outspoken anti-vax views. Although he founded one of the world’s leading anti-vaccine disinformation organizations, he insisted he has “never been anti-vaccine.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images