LA City Council unanimously votes to ban electric prods, shocking devices from rodeos


LOS ANGELES (CNS) - The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously voted to ban electric prods, shocking devices and other implements from rodeos.
  The motion, introduced by Councilman Bob Blumenfield, directed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance to prohibit the following devices from Los Angeles rodeos and rodeo-related events:
  -- electric prods;
  -- shocking devices;
  -- flank or bucking straps;
  -- wire tiedowns;
  -- sharpened or fixed spurs; and
  -- rowels.
  It was modeled after Pittsburgh's 1992 ordinance, which banned the same tools, according to the motion.
  "Rodeos often use a number of inhumane implements ... to encourage aggressive behavior in animals to produce an entertainment product. Animals suffer significant injuries during common rodeo events such as bull and bronco riding, steer wrestling and calf roping," the motion stated.
  "Many animals are put down as a result of injuries sustained during these events. ... It is time for our city to act in the interest of animal welfare on this issue as it has in the past for other issues."
  The local animal-advocacy organization Last Chance For Animals is pushing the city to do even more, by banning rodeos outright.
  The group is circulating a petition, which had nearly 22,000 signatures as of Monday, calling for a ban on rodeo events. The petition can be found at
  "L.A. is very close to enacting this historic rodeo ban, but we need to keep the momentum going to ensure it passes," according to a statement from the group on Monday.