Businesses Begin Opening In Colleyville

Businesses Begin Opening in Colleyville
Photo credit 1080 KRLD

COLLEYVILLE (1080 KRLD) - It's a mixed bag in Colleyville today.  While many businesses remain closed, some are opening their doors once again. 

On Monday, Mayor Richard Newton signed an amended emergency declaration allowing several businesses to reopen (to an extent), including gyms, salons and retail stores.

"The proclamation is intended to begin the process of reopening businesses in Colleyville in a safe and methodical manner," Mayor Newton said in a video update posted to the city's website. "I would not have issued this proclamation if I did not think it was safe to do so."

Business isn't back to normal quite yet: The number of customers allowed inside stores is limited based on square footage. Restaurants can open up patio service, but can't serve customers inside.  Gyms and salons need to schedule individual appointments with clients. And everyone is expected to practice social distancing. 

Still, it's a big step. Especially for retailers who were forced to shut down.

"We are very excited to get back in business,"  said Jennifer Gomez, owner of the Ausin Lorin Boutique. She says only five customers are allowed inside the store at once and employees must wash their hands every 30 minutes, but it feels good to be open again. 

Restaurants like Rio Mambo are allowing customers to sit outside on the patio as they enjoy service, each table separated by at least six feet. 

Mayor Newton says businesses were shut down to make sure hospitals had enough beds to handle patients. He says that goal has been met and it's time to open businesses back up.