COVID-19: Personal Reflections From A North Texas Physician

Ventilator In Hospital
Photo credit sudok1/GettyImages

Dr. Katie Jarvis has seen the heartbreaking impact of COVID-19 firsthand.

As a local physician, Dr. Jarvis has treated coronavirus patients, and has had to comfort families after their loved ones get infected and become seriously ill.

She says her experiences have given her a true understanding of the critical nature of the virus, and for those who don't seem to grasp the full scope of COVID-19, she wishes they could see it from her perspective.

Dr. Jarvis discussed being on the frontlines of COVID-19 treatment, addressed the concept and importance of "herd immunity," and explained why she believes we should start vaccinating members of the U.S. military against the coronavirus before a vaccine is available to the general public.  She talked with KRLD's Chris Sommer.