Broaddus on short-term deal for Dak Prescott: 'I think there's something to it'


DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) - After the Cowboys and Dak Prescott's agent Todd France sparred last season over the length of the contract the quarterback would receive in a new deal, might a compromise on an extension turn out to be shorter than anyone anticipated?

As reported by 105.3 The Fan's Mike Fisher, Jerry and Stephen Jones preferred Prescott to sign a 5-year contract last offseason, while France preferred that his client sign a four-year pact, so that the quarterback could re-enter the market when the NFL's new television deal kicks in, which would likely see salaries skyrocket.

Bryan Broaddus posed an interesting question to Fish when he joined the GBag Nation on Friday - How about a three-year deal?

"(Fish), can I float an idea out to you about a contract of only being three years long? Dak (and the Cowboys) takes a three-year deal. ... It gives Dak the short years he's looking for. ... Does it give the Cowboys enough time to say, 'OK, with Dak for three years, it buys us time to get a quarterback, but it also gives us protection if something physically does happen to Dak Prescott?'"

Broaddus went on to say that his proposal would require the Cowboys to give Prescott a lot of fully-guaranteed money up front in the form of a signing bonus.

"I think there's something to it. To me, the Cowboys have the ability to get out, and Dak has the ability to get out (after three years). I think that's what both parties are looking at right now. 'How can I have the player for a certain time, and then being able to kick the tires, have him, all of those things. But, if it doesn't work out for either one of us, then one of us can get out of this deal," Broaddus said.

As for how the current negotiations are going? NFL Network's Jane Slater reported that the Cowboys and Prescott had recently had some 'good talks,' and those talks were going 'better than (they have) been.'

Should the Cowboys not come to an agreement with Prescott by the franchise-tag deadline, Prescott would be slated to earn $37.7 million in 2021. However, March 9 is not a do-or-die deadline, as the Cowboys can still negotiate a deal with Prescott until mid-July.

And, what about Prescott's two offseason ankle surgeries? A source tells Fisher that the quarterback's rehabilitation could allow him to be "100 percent by April.''

Listen to the entire conversation in the audio below.