Fort Worth teen girl missing, mother says she was lured from home

Missing: 14-year-old Dashayla Wolfe
Missing: 14-year-old Dashayla Wolfe

A Fort Worth woman is making a desperate plea to her missing daughter.

"Dashayla, mom needs you to come home," Dr. Cynthia Wolfe said, hoping that her message reaches her daughter, 14. "You don't have to be afraid. Just come home."

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Fort Worth teen girl missing
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Dashayla Wolfe disappeared from her Fort Worth home last Wednesday night.

Dr. Wolfe says she has every reason to believe that Dashayla was lured out of her home.

"I don't think she left on her own," Dr. Wolfe said during a news conference outside the Walls Of Jericho Deliverance Church on Pinson St., where the family belongs to. "I believe that she was persuaded to leave."

The night of Dashayla's disappearance, Dr. Wolfe says she was dressed in an unusual manner at bedtime.

"She had on some clothes she usually does not wear to bed," Dr. Wolfe said. "And I asked her, 'Why are you wearing that?' And she says she was wearing that because we usually go and take her brother to work in the morning before 6:00."

A search of Dashayla's social media pages yielded no clues about who may have lured her from her home that night.

The pastor of Walls Of Jericho Deliverance Church, John Reed, says there is a reward.

"The church is offering a $5000 reward for the safe return of Dashayla Wolfe," says Pastor Reed.

Dashayla Wolfe is biracial, 5'2" and 190 lbs. She has brown hair and hazel eyes.