"God was with us": Montague couple rescued from house leveled by tornado


One couple in Montague County is left to pick up the pieces after a tornado leveled their home.

Joshua Tune, his mother, and his wife Kathy were all inside their home on Highway 101 south of Bowie when the tornado blew through and tore it to shreds.

They had just woken up from a nap moments before the tornado tore through their home.

"We woke up, (and) we all went to the kitchen," says Kathy Tune. "And his mom had come out of her bedroom from a nap, and we all sat there and then, bam, it hit."

Joshua Tune says the entire home collapsed on top of everyone.

"The wall is falling over on top of me," says Joshua Tune, "and I thought, 'This is it. This is how I go.'"

The force of the storm sent everyone in the house airborne.

Joshua Tune says, "When I reached the place to go steady myself, I started screaming, 'Mom, mom, are you okay? Mom! I've got to find mom!' And I heard her say, 'What?' And I looked down, I was standing on top of her."

Everyone was buried under rubble.

Kathy and Joshua Tune
Kathy and Joshua Tune Photo credit Andrew Greenstein, 1080 KRLD

Kathy Tune was trapped under a big, heavy kitchen appliance.

"The refrigerator fell over on me," Kathy Tune says, "and the wall caved in on me."

Fire rescue crews had to sift through the rubble to get everyone out of the debris.

"We could not get out," says Kathy Tune. "They had to lift me up over stuff to get me out. If the fire department and the other rescue team didn't get here, we would still be there."

Incredibly, everyone is expected to be okay, having suffered only cuts and bruises.

Paramedics, though, transported Joshua Tune's mother to the hospital.

Kathy Tune says even though there's nothing left of the home that they had remodeled two years ago, they're very fortunate.

"God was with us," she said.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Andrew Greenstein, 1080 KRLD