Want to keep the brain sharp? Exercise!

Fitness group working out
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If you want a sharp, healthy, younger-performing brain, get your exercise. Those are the new findings from a study by The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Vital Longevity (CVL).

"Keep your heart strong, and your memory will follow along," says Dr. Chandramallika Basak, associate professor of psychology in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

The published study indicates that strenuous physical activity can help the brains of older adults perform better on complex cognitive tasks.

"What we have found is that it's strenuous physical activity, the older adults who engaged even if they engaged seldomly in it, they were able to use brain functions, as efficiently as younger adults," Dr. Basak points out.

Some examples of "strenuous" physical activity would be jogging or playing tennis. And you don't have to do it all the time. Even participating on a weekly basis has big benefits.

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