The Fast Food Report with Jensen Karp

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The Fast Food industry and Quick Service Restaurants are always evolving with companies and their kitchens constantly trying new things and testing recipes. They are looking to find new customers and bring them into their restaurants and hopefully earn new customers. Jensen describes these new items to us and we decide if we would try them, or not.

Yesterday KFC announced that they will be teaming up with Beyond Meat to debut a new Beyond Fried Chicken. It starts today in a limited run in Atlanta Georgia’s Cobb Parkway location. Beyond Fried Chicken will be available in nuggets with dipping sauces on in Boneless Wings tossed in one of these three sauces, Nashville Hot, Buffalo, or Honey Barbecue. If it goes well, it will be everywhere soon. Here’s our take:

Kevin said no before Jensen could finish talking, so Beat It!

Allie would try it, why not, so Eat It!

Beer Mug has tried Beyond Meat in the past, so Eat It!

KFC’s other big announcement came in the form of a bowl. A new Mac ’n’ Cheese bowl to be specific. It launched yesterday and it combines KFC’s rich and creamy cheddar mac ‘n’ cheese topped with KFC’s crispy popcorn chicken and sprinkled with a 3 cheese blend. You can also get it spicy with Nashville Hot Sauce. It is available at participating locations for $5 with a cookie and a drink. Here’s our take:

Allie is allergic to cheese, so Beat It!

Kevin will not only eat his bowl but Allie’s as well, so Eat It!

Beer Mug was in from the word bowl, so Eat It!

With all this news about fried chicken, Pizza Hut didn’t want to feel left out, so they created the fried chicken pizza. Available only in New Zealand, for now, say hello to fried chicken and bacon ranch pizza. The pie features southern style fried chicken bites, bacon, red onion, chili pepper, melted mozzarella cheese all drizzled with a rich creamy ranch sauce. You could enjoy all of this for only US $8. Here’s our take:

Beer Mug has been looking for someone to make this perfect combination of ingredients, so Eat It!

Allie almost gagged while Jensen was describing this, so Beat It!

Kevin mirrors Beer Mugs answer, so Eat It!

Yesterday was National Dog Day and Del Taco was trying to be Best in Show. Yesterday they gave away 100 bags of their all-natural Del Barko treats crafted by Orange County’s Naked Dog Bistro in the flavors of bacon, cheese, and Hash Browns. They gave away the treats through their Instagram and their web store for $2. Here’s our take:

Beer Mug would so Eat It!

Allie would get them for a dog, but not for her, so Beat It!

Kevin will try it, so Eat It!

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7-Eleven are teaming up with White Castle to offer Gooey Butter Cake On-A-Stick! White Castle built up a cult following fan base with their 2014 limited-time release of this sweet treat. Gooey Butter Cake is a flat and dense cake made with flour butter, sugar and eggs dusted with powdered sugar and it’s served on a stick. Just in time for the fair season, Jensen is trying to figure out if they are available at the frozen food sections of all the 7-Eleven locations.  Here’s our take:

Kevin won’t eat it because it's frozen, so Beat It!

Allie thinks anything on a stick is instantly made better, so Eat It!

Beer Mug loves goo, so Eat It!