Great News: Meet the 8-year-old-boy who paid the Student Lunch Debt at his School

Great News: Meet the 8-year-old-boy who paid the Student Lunch Debt at his School.
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Today on Kevin in the Morning with Allie & Jensen we have GREAT NEWS stories for you. We find news stories that make you feel good and restore your faith in humanity to balance out all the bad news you hear on the news.

This morning Allie introduced us to 13-year-old Logan Kavaluskis from Hudsonville, Michigan. Like many kids his age, all he wanted was to have a puppy of his own. Unfortunately, his dad had bad allergies and wasn’t allowed to have pets in the house. For nine years, his dad Joe battled myeloma cancer. He passed away in January 2020 at the age of 47. Before Joe died, he came up with a very special surprise for his beloved son. With help from Joe’s wife Melanie and the rest of the family, they planned to get Logan a dog. Joe passed away on January 8th and five days later on Logan’s birthday, he was surprised with a puppy. It was a wonderful surprise that his dad Joe planned ahead of time. It’s a cute little Boston terrier puppy. And the video will make you cry. This was Allie’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Today, Jensen brought our attention to Joyce Smith and her friends who were on Rex Scott’s bus for the Indy Brew Bus tours. Joyce and her friends had other plans that fell through, so they went on the tour as a last-minute idea. At the end of their tour, Rex off-handedly joked that he also accepts kidney’s as a tip. It got their attention and after a small conversation they found out that his wife Valerie Scott had been dealing with polycystic kidney disease for almost seven years. Her kidneys were now the size of small footballs and losing their function. Her mother suffered from the same disease and she was able to receive a transplant. She would now need a transplant to survive as well. The match needed to be the same blood type and also match six other antigens, which is difficult to find. It turns out, Joyce was a perfect match for Valerie for both blood type and six antigens. Smith was the perfect person to be a donor because between her natural-born and adopted and foster children, she has 9 children, and her father and one of her kids were both recipients of organ transplants. The surgery has happened and both women are sore, but doing well and recovering. This was Jensen’s GREAT NEWS!!!

Kevin told us about 8-year-old Keoni Ching, a second-grade student at Franklin Elementary in Vancouver, WA. His school celebrates a "Kindness Week," that was started by a school counselor Lisa Dimurro. Last week he presented a giant check to the school for $4,015. He and his mother made and sold keychains for $5.00 each. He wanted to make sure his fellow students had food to eat if they were hungry. He was not only able to pay the school lunch debt at his school but a few others as well. He shouldn’t have to do all this, but he did. At that age, Kevin was throwing rocks at his neighbor Robbie Joyner’s house. This was Kevin’s GREAT NEWS!!!