Stryker and Klein Mornings: Stryker inspires new Iceberg Lettuce pizza

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What food would you want to eat for the rest of your life? Bet everything BUT iceberg lettuce came into your head, right?

When discussing what foods each member of the Stryker and Klein Morning Show would like to eat for the rest of their lives for every meal, Stryker made an interesting claim.

While Klein and Ally Johnson chose relatable and sound choices like burritos and tacos, Stryker.... chose iceberg lettuce. His defense? That iceberg lettuce could be paired with anything and taste great!

Giuseppe Mancuso, owner of Anna's Pizza in West Covina, California, took note and tested out what would soon become known as the "Stryker Pizza." All the toppings of a "normal" pizza spread across half a head of iceberg lettuce.

What started as a test pizza for Mancuso, quickly turned into a hit with customers and is now a permanent item on the menu.

Mancuso said in an Instagram story post that customers quickly pointed out that the "Stryker Pizza" is keto friendly. Making the iceberg lettuce creation even more appealing to anyone craving a pizza but watching their carbs.

Listen to how the whole thing came to fruition and more importantly, what it tastes like, here.

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