Our Values in Action
• We have taken important steps, such as increasing the number of female leaders across our markets, and establishing a formal Corporate Governance diversity statement.

• We are launching Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a social impact pillar within Audacy Serves, our company’s social impact brand.

• We created the DEI Task Force to translate our values into a proactive and focused effort in key areas of our business specifically to advance our DEI priorities: 1) Build a more diverse organization 2) Strengthen our culture of inclusion and respect 3) Foster a more just, equitable and inclusive nation

Looking Ahead
• This is an important opportunity for all members of the Audacy community, our leadership, our employees, and our listeners to come together and listen, learn, reflect and grow.

• We know that growth and progress sometimes requires us to have difficult conversations to make necessary change – we are choosing to work toward progress. Just as we step into growth and transformation of our business, we will grow beyond our comfort zone to achieve our aspirations - for our team and our country.

• Our hope is that this DEI Task Force and its initiatives shape a company in which everyone feels heard, respected and valued – key signposts of our strong culture of belonging.