Davido talks being unavailable, promoting African creativity, and his future

'Me? I'm unavailable'
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If being unavailable was a person– it'd be Davido, as he has been out the way and focusing on his music. So while his latest album, Timeless, which he believes is his best yet, is available, he told Big Tigger of V103 Atlanta's Big Tigger Morning Show that "me? I'm unavailable."

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"Apart from even just public validation... this was like the first album that I really really liked," he told Tigger on why he believed this is his best album yet, he continued to explain that there was a lot more one on one work with his producers which led to a more personal and transparent piece of work.

Talking about the inspiration for one of the hits on the album, "Unavailable," he shared that he not only "wants to have viral, trending records" but he believes that "everyone wants to be unavailable at a point in time." Think about being on vacation and you're job is calling and emailing you, you're going to let them know you're unavailable– and that's what Davido was getting at.

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Since the passing of his eldest son, the Nigerian-American singer has been working his way back into music and while he didn't know if he would ever be where he is at now, he's thankful to have been able to overcome such dark times. His vision for his career now "is in 20 years or 10 years if I'm still performing, I want them to have the same feeling as how they have now, playing it fresh."

He also revealed he is focusing on "promoting African creativity" through his record label and the Davido & Friends festival he is hosting in November. Listen to the full conversation with Davido above.

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