Free Whopper For Picture of Your Ex

Free Whopper For Picture of Your Ex
Photo credit Matt Cardy

Dig up that old picture of your ex this Valentine's Day and you could score a free Whopper!

Burger King has teamed up with the new film starring Margot Robbie "Bird's of Prey", where Margot's character Harley Quinn breaks up with her boyfriend the Joker, and is offering free Whoppers in exchange for a picture of your ex at select locations in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Boston. They'll even offer up "Bird's of Prey" themed break-up boxes for you to stuff your ex's picture into.

For those of us who live here in San Diego there's another option.

Fill out the Burger King in-app quiz for a free Whopper.

They say revenge is sweet, but a free Whopper is better.