Brothers Osborne are gearing up for a big Thanksgiving

Brothers Osborne
Photo credit Terry Wyatt / Getty Images

Brothers Osborne are looking forward to having a "throwback" Thanksgiving this year, and being able to celebrate with their family for the first time since even before the pandemic.

"A Thanksgiving tradition that we did for so many years, John and I would host what we would call a 'Misfits Thanksgiving,' and we would have everyone, I mean we must’ve done this for 15 years or so, and it really started because we didn’t have enough money to go back home to see our family, so we would hang out in Nashville," TJ explains in a statement from their label. "And so everyone that was kind of in our same shoes, we’d all end up at our house, and it really turned into really blossoming some of our most cherished relationships.

"We would be there with Kacey Musgraves," he continues. "It was the first time I really got to hang out with Mickey Guyton, Maren Morris. They would come over and we just became like family to each other because we couldn’t get home to see our own families. And that’s a Thanksgiving tradition that we still to this day try to keep, and it’s a revolving door of who’s there or who’s not there, but yeah, it’s a wonderful tradition.

"And let me tell you, spending it with our friends in Nashville, there’s a little less arguing than back home," he laughs.

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“We’re still arguing, but we get over it faster," his brother adds.

“For this Thanksgiving it’s gonna be such a good time," John continues. "I mean, last year, we had a very scaled-back Thanksgiving. Everyone was worried about the pandemic, and rightfully so, but for this Thanksgiving, we’re coming back. We’re back with family. We’re all vaccinated. We’re gonna be hugging on each other, loving on each other and just celebrating the world coming back to somewhat normal.

"And our mom and dad, our mom’s been here for a while. Our dad and his girlfriend, Cindy, have officially moved down here, and we’re going to have the whole family together. It’s gonna be beautiful. I can’t wait.”

Before they can get on with the festivities, though, they do have one important responsibility - taking over this radio station from 10am to 3pm the day before Thanksgiving.