There's Still Time To Help the #BettyWhiteChallenge!

Getting 100 pets adopted for 100 years!
Photo credit San Diego Humane Society

All this week we've been featuring animals currently up for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society in an effort to get 100 pets adopted in honor of what would have been Betty White's 100th Birthday. San Diego is getting into the #BettyWhiteChallenge, including one family that named the newest member of the family after the Golden Girl. This morning we featured Sapa who you can bring home right now as San Diego Humane Society is waiving all adoption fees for adult pets through Sunday.

Name: Sapa
Age: 8 years
Gender: Spayed female
Breed: German Shepherd 

Sapa really is a gem and by far a staff favorite! This delightful, frosted-face beauty is looking for a place to live out her golden years, and she's looking for a family to share the good times with. Sapa is as sweet as they come and she is bound to win over anyone with her soft warm eyes.
She will happily lean into your hands (and your lap) while you give her a good massage, which is probably why she has become a staff and volunteer favorite! Sapa will even hang around as you brush put her luxurious coat. Gentle neighborhood strolls and easygoing games of fetch would be great for this girl (tennis balls are her favorite!), followed by snuggles on the sofa. Sapa does great in her kennel and we just know she would make a lovely house dog. She has such wonderful home etiquette and the purest heart. A comfy bed would just make her dreams come true! As far as canine friends go, Sapa simply says "no thanks," they get her too wound up and bothered and she would prefer to just avoid them completely. Stop by our Oceanside Campus to ask about her today or visit to learn more!

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There's Still Time To Help the #BettyWhite Challenge!
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