1-on-1: New Drexel women's basketball coach Amy Mallon is a familiar face on the Dragons' bench

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Amy Mallon was named the new head women's basketball coach at Drexel University in late March, after spending 16 years first as an assistant, then as associate head coach for the Dragons. 

Mallon grew up in Maryland and was a star player in college, first at Richmond and then at St. Joseph's University. She ended up playing professionally as well, including the old American Basketball League, and a stint overseas in Luxembourg. 

She said being that far from home was tough at times because it wasn't as easy to keep touch with everyone back home like it would be now. This was before the internet exploded and it was hard sometimes to get a phone line.

"The only real way to comunicate with people back home was through writing letters. So it was definitely a learning experience for me, where you really had time to think about what you wanted to do and what you were doing. 

"I met so many great people and down the line, it helped me in my coaching career because we've been very successful at Drexel with our international players. It pretty much started with the relationships I made overseas that continued. I'm still friends with the people I played with and the coaches I played for over there," she recalled.

Of course there is a lot of uncertianty in college sports as a result of the pandemic, and who knows when basketball season will start, but eventually Mallon will make her debut as head coach for the Dragons, and she cant wait.

"Now I wake up having dreams about calling plays out, just things you think about now," she shared. "You always get warned that with the job is going to come more pressure but it's like what you do anyway. Any coach would probably say they go to bed thinking about, 'I should've ran this play' or 'I should've done this.' So I think I still find myself doing that." 

"I know I'm going to be extremely excited for that first game, whenever that does take place," she continued. "It is a dream come true for me and I'm just excited that Drexel gave me the opportunity to be their leader."

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