Jay Lloyd's Getaway: SEPTA for seniors

SEPTA Regional Rail train
Photo credit Jay Lloyd/KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — There are certain advantages to aging. Senior status brings a smorgasbord of opportunities that seem remarkable. 

So, I'll remark on a few. 

First, there's retirement. With it, for many of us, comes the ability to volunteer or work when we want, where we want. Then, there's leisure time, getaways, discounts and free travel throughout the Philly region on SEPTA rail, bus, subway and trolley lines. 

Let's stop right there, because this is a bonanza. It relieves us of driving busy highways and congested city streets. And it takes us on day trips or overnights to unique spots we resist visiting because — let's face it — driving becomes a chore, not a youthful pleasure. 

So, what and where? 

Manayunk/Norristown Line

To me, this is the mother lode of opportunity, whether you live in the city or western suburbs. 

Parking at the Norristown Transportation Center is a soft $3 a day. The ride is free, and the passing scene is enjoyable. A stop at Conshohocken takes you to a revitalized town that has become a gathering spot to meet friends who do drive. 

At the intersection of the Blue Route, Expressway and the rail station, we train here to meet friends at the Lucky DogGreat American Pub, and Flanigan's Boathouse — even go up the culinary scale. 

Ride the train a little further to boutique shopping and global flavors at Manayunk on the Schuylkill — a pain to drive and park, but just a comfy stroll from the train. 

Then, book an overnight getaway in Philly. We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn across the street from Jefferson Station. It's l