22 alleged members of rival Chester, Pa., gangs arrested

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Law officials took down two rival gangs in Delaware County, announcing on Wednesday the arrest and indictment of  22 individuals they say are members of rival gangs who terrorized Chester, Pa., for years.

Officials say the arrests follow a multi-year joint investigation, which is far from over.

"Our investigation uncovered rampant trafficking of crack, cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin in Chester, as well as an open conflict," said U.S. Attorney William McSwain.

McSwain says more than 300 officers from the FBI, U.S. Marshals, DEA, Chester police, Pennsylvania State Police and more worked together to bust rival gangs 3rd Bone and the William Penn Boys.

"This was an inherently dangerous undertaking, but thankfully all the arrests occurred without incident," McSwain said. 

McSwain says it took them three years to take down the two gangs, and these groups listened in on police activity on scanners and flaunted their works on social media.

Authorities say the two groups controlled adjacent territories in the western part of Chester, distributing drugs to customers, and defending their turf with armed violence.

"At times, it actually reads like a Hollywood storyline," McSwain said, "with one notable exception: The facts here were all too real for those living in this area of Chester who had to put up with this criminal activity."

The 70-count indictment involving the 3rd Bone group lists 13 individuals, including their leader Deshaun Davis, 34, of Chester:
  • Dwayne Butler, 25, of Chester
  • Tyleel Scott-Harper, 23, of Chester
  • Brandon Scott-Harper, 20, of Chester
  • Michael Wright, 20, of Chester
  • Isiah Jenifer, 22, of Chester
  • Frederick Rochester, 27, of Chester
  • Jamel Covington, 29, of Chester
  • Johvon Covington, 30, of Chester
  • Derrick Cooper, 25, of Upland
  • Frederick Donaldson, 25, of Chester
  • Perley Mack, Jr., 24, of Marcus Hook
  • Shahaad Sterling, 21, of Chester

The 19-count indictment involving the William Penn Boys lists nine individuals, including their leader, Issac Barrett, 33, of Essington:

  • Kaleaf Gilbert, 27, of Chester
  • Darnell Bell, 29, of Chester
  • Terrence Womack, 32, of Chester
  • Brennen Lane, 31, of Chester
  • Dion Kattes, 21, of Chester
  • Saequan Womack, 26, of Chester
  • Jamar Bright, 31, of Chester
  • Kevin Nichols, 57, of Chester

If convicted, each of the defendants faces at least 20 years of potential imprisonment. Members of the gangs are charged with drug trafficking and firearms charges, among other offenses. Several of the senior members of the two groups face potential life sentences.