Philadelphia Foundation awards grants to help 'activate' 50 local communities

Community hands
Photo credit AndreyPopov/ GettyImages

"Last November, the Philadelphia Foundation led our third On The Table Philly campaign throughout the seven counties in our area," Ramos said. 

Then, they encouraged hosts to use those ideas to apply for grants that would help make a difference in their communities.

"We had about 90 applications and we made about 50 grants. Many of the grants are ideas to educate people and engage them in the census effort."

Ramos said many of the ideas were also based on the needs of the community. 

"One of them is increasing the refrigeration capacity at a food pantry."

Other grants dealt with gun safety, health, generational relationships and more.

"So the grants themselves are as varied as the communities that participated."

All grant recipients are listed on the Philadelphia Foundation website