A rush to buy guns, ammunition as anxiety grows amid coronavirus outbreak

Bunker Gun Shop in Warminster.
Photo credit Paul Kurtz/KYW Newsradio

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WARMINSTER, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — While gun permits in Philadelphia are on hold during the coronavirus crisis, gun purchases are soaring throughout the region. 

Stan Brinkley said he drove from his home in Philadelphia to Bucks County to stock up and prepare for the worst.

“Just some ammo for my AR-15. I might look at something else but right now just want to make sure I have enough ammo to survive anything that might come my way,” Brinkley said. 

And he said he is ready for anything. 

“It’s a time now where none of us saw in our lifetime with everything shut down. Schools are shut down, businesses are shut down. They got like an 8 to 5 curfew depending on what county you live in. It’s just not normal,” he added. 

Brinkley stood with dozens of other shoppers in a long line that stretched far outside the doors of the Bunker Gun Shop. 

Another customer thought the time was right to become a gun owner for the first time.

"I want to protect my family,” he said. 

The wait time to get inside was at least two hours. Customers waited patiently, but were clearly on edge.