In Center City, artwork is installed on some boarded-up businesses

Artwork on Center City storefronts
Photo credit Photo by Steve Weinik/Courtesy of Mural Arts of Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Some shuttered Center City businesses closed temporarily because of the pandemic get a stylish new look created by local artists.

The bright artwork is printed on 6 by 6 foot sections of parachute cloth and are attached to plywood covering the windows of 11 highly visible businesses, including some near 13th and Chestnut streets.

A diverse group of 11 artists — some classically trained, others self-taught — were employed to create the panels which mostly consist of patterns and abstract shapes.

"We will see how people react to this, we might expand it,” said CCD president and CEO Paul Levy. “Obviously, our clear preference is the crisis is over and the plywood comes down, but in the interim, just as we are keeping our cleaners out there and our public safety people out there and attending to our landscaping, this is just a positive way to send some positive messaging to everyone about, we'll get through this."

He said crews are at the ready to maintain the artwork should it become defaced.