In Bucks County, security will meet people at parking garage as courts resume Monday

In that tent, security will tell people which building they’re looking for, and help them with directions.

“Security will also ensure that each person has a mask. They will also be given a bag to put their personal belongings in which will make it easier to get through the security checkpoints at the buildings,” Forster explained.

Visitors will be given clear plastic bags for belongings, as the goal, Forster said, is to ensure everything runs as smoothly and as safely as possible, both for people arriving at the buildings and for employees.

Bucks County officials are asking only those who need to be in the courtroom show up for hearings as courts resume some business on Monday, but they say if you have a notice to be in court next week, you are expected to be there.

Masks are required in all courtrooms, and social distancing guidelines must be followed.

County business remains appointment only, with discussions on-going on how that will change in the yellow phase.