Center City District survey on shopping, dining finds safety is the biggest concern for Philadelphians

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  The Center City District this week released the results of a survey asking what it would take to get people to start dining and shopping again as they slowly emerge from coronavirus quarantine. 

Paul Levy with the Center City District said it will take time to get people to feel confident about shopping and dining in Philadelphia again.

"The city lost about 100,000 jobs in the last two months and 40% of those jobs were in restaurant and retail,” Levy said. 

But how long will it take?

"It was like 20% said they'd come right away, another 20% said in a week or two, and many people said they were going to wait a month or more,” he explained. 

Almost 2,000 people replied to the CCD's consumer perspective survey on restaurant and retail. 

He said those who responded said safety measures such as mandatory masks, staff training and social distancing were very important as people considered the activities in which they wanted to engage.

"You won't want to walk into a place that scares you and if a business can practice good practices and signal them, I think they'll rebuild customer confidence,” he said. 

And he said the city will have to reconsider how they utilize outdoor space for restaurants and retail.

"There's going to need to be room for outdoor seating, but there's going to need to be lines for people waiting to do their pickup, but also waiting to get into stores if they're going to limit the number of people there,” he added.