CCP plans to host public dialogue on racism, policing and the path forward

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Community College of Philadelphia President Guy Generals says “enough is enough.”

He believes it's time that the city had a frank discussion about racism in America, so the college is arranging an online “teach-in” and town hall.

Generals said he thinks about the racism that permeates our modern-day culture daily. As a black man with three sons, he said the death of George Floyd evoked the fear he lives with every day.

“It's a real anxiety that I have, that something comparable to what has happened to far too many African-American men and boys could happen,” he said.

CCP is organizing an online town hall to talk about racism and justice. Generals said the panel will include members of the college's Black Studies program and possibly representatives of the Philadelphia Police Department.

“We're trying to get a balance of voices and ideas so that it's an engaging conversation,” he added. “Hopefully with some outcome and some next steps.”

No date is set yet for the public town hall, but Generals anticipates it for sometime next week.