Census workers still going door to door to collect information despite pandemic

Census form sent by mail
Photo credit Steven White/Getty Images
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Census Bureau workers are now going door to door as they try to gather data from homes across the country. They are taking some new social distancing measures, while performing a job that has them interacting with hundreds of people.

A majority of Americans have already responded to their 2020 census online, by phone or mail, according to Steve Shope with the Census Bureau.

“The online response rate had exceeded the United States Census Bureau's expectations. That could be attributed and all probability was attributed to people being at home having more time on their hands,” Shope said. 

Shope said there are still a lot of people who have not responded, which is why they're sending enumerators out to gather information.

He said workers going door to door with questionnaires are taking proper pandemic precautions to make sure they keep themselves and the people they visit safe.

“They'll show up at your door, they'll observe all of the COVID-19 guidelines with social distancing, wearing facemasks, frequent hand washing, no contact, they'll conduct that survey with that household right there at their doorstep,” he said. 

Shope is encouraging people to take time and do a socially distanced interview with them. 

He added a few questions can go a long way when it comes to assessing and helping communities.

“It really is just a 10 minute survey that will benefit you for 10 years,” he emphasized. 

The enumerators are currently out visiting homes that have not responded to the census. They'll be canvassing until late September.