Judge dismisses charges against head of security for Mariner East pipeline

Recknagel was charged with multiple counts of conspiracy, accused of hiding payments to Pennsylvania Constables, so they could have uniformed, armed guards on duty without records of who was doing what.

But after a lengthy preliminary hearing on Thursday, magisterial district judge John Bailey dismissed all charges against Recknagel, saying in part it appears Recknagel was in regular communication with police chiefs and other authorities and wasn’t hiding anything.

It’s legal for constables in Pennsylvania to work security on the side, but they can’t use their badges or their guns, which is alleged here.

Six other men face charges and are awaiting a preliminary hearing.

As far as Recknagel’s case goes, Chester County DA Deb Ryan says they don’t agree with it, but they respect the judge’s position.

"Based on the evidence recovered during this lengthy investigation the District Attorney’s Office felt it was appropriate to bring this case to the court for a preliminary hearing," Ryan said.

The DA’s office could refile charges against Recknagel. Ryan says they will review all options before deciding next steps.