Council passes resolution to ban R. Kelly from performing in Philly

Demonstrators gather near the studio of singer R. Kelly to call for a boycott of his music after allegations of sexual abuse against young girls were raised on the highly-rated Lifetime mini-series "Surviving R. Kelly" on Jan. 9, 2019 in Chicago, Illi
Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

Barnes founded Mute R. Kelly 15 months ago to stop the singer's concert in Atlanta, as allegations poured in that he manipulated and abused young women. She said it was the perfect moment.

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"In 15 months, the Mute R. Kelly movement has 12 chapters. We've cancelled 12 concerts at an estimated $1.75 million in lost revenue," she said.

No concerts were planned for Philadelphia, but the resolution declares council's solidarity with the movement.