Philly City Council plans to open new terms with lots of legislation

Philadelphia City Hall.
Photo credit Holli Stephens / KYW Newsradio
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philadelphia City Council opens a new four year term Thursday and they plan to bolt out of the gate. A heavy agenda of resolutions and bill introductions is expected.

Councilmember Allan Domb announced Tuesday that he plans to reintroduce a bill to cut the wage tax for low-income workers — a bill that died at the end of last term when the mayor declined to sign it, a move known as a pocket veto

The four new Councilmembers are split on their approach to beginning their jobs. 

Jaime Gauthier and Isaiah Thomas are in a watching and learning posture. But Kathy Gilmore Richardson says she has multiple bills and resolutions she plans to introduce, and Kendra Brooks plans to introduce a resolution calling for hearings on a possible rent control policy. 

Councilmember Curtis Jones also plans to call for hearings on the city's homicide closure rate, which he says has averaged 40% for the last few years. Councilmember David Oh will also be back with several bills he couldn't even get out of committee last term, including an audit of the parking authority. 

And Council President Darrell Clarke also plans a resolution to address the city's gun violence problem.