Digital scavenger hunt encourages participants to explore Fairmount Park

John Sigmund
Photo credit Justin Udo/KYW Newsradio

The exploration is being done through a digital scavenger hunt in Fairmount Park. 

When the game went online Monday at noon, Bucci and his wife Barbara Simon were the first contestants to complete a challenge.

“We've lived here for about 30 years now in Philadelphia, but I think what we're continuing to do over the 30 years is discover new parts,” Bucci said. 

He added the game is the perfect way for them to explore their backyard.

“We’ve been here before in other capacities, but this is the first time we've really been here to peruse, cruise around and enjoy a little time off,” he said. 

John Sigmund with the Fairmount Park Conservancy said the hunt is usually a one-day competition, where people explore the 2,050-acre park. But this year, instead of meeting up, participants will do it with the assistance of an app for the next six weeks.

“It's very exciting to be able to rethink the scavenger hunt. Thankfully, we do walk around with computers in our pockets,” Sigmund said.

The hunt, which is free, encourages people to do it in groups of twos and threes while social distancing in the park, something Simon appreciates about the experience.

“We're just looking for things to have fun while staying safe in the pandemic,” she said.

The hunt will have new winners each week, with a grand prize winner at the end of the competition, which wraps up Sept. 7. Sigmund said to be eligible for that prize, you must complete the weekly challenges.

He added the hunt, which also allows you to interact with others online, is the perfect way to get away while staying at home.

“This is great and that's one of the reasons why we love living in Philadelphia, because there is so much to do, and so much to explore,” Sigmund said.