Online school plus summer break can mean months of learning loss for students

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  Summer slide is the tendency for kids to lose some of their academic gains over the summer. And it's expected to be worse this year because of remote learning.

In some school districts across the country, up to half of the kids never logged on to the online learning, says parenting and education expert Dr. Karen Aronian.

“Whether people are being held back from the digital divide and a number of other issues of course that are affecting our most vulnerable populations, we also have those who are consciously opting out,” Aronian explained. 

So summer learning is more important than ever. 

Aronian says parents have to know what their child’s summer assignments are and get help with teaching the subjects that might not be your strong suit.

“So whether you’re good at math and you outsource dad for English. Or you’re good at science but you outsource history to your older child,” she advised. 

Even some libraries are offering learning programs.

“So there’s a lot out there, you can access and outsource so parents have some freed up time to do their work and their housework and take a break and the kids are accessing multiple teachers,” she said. 

She says to make sure learning days have structure and balance.

“Accessing nature and creating time frames of exploration, downtime, the time to think, for creativity, for flow into areas that are their interests,” Aronian added.