Construction begins on FEMA medical site at Glen Mills to aid coronavirus response

GLEN MILLS, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — Several huge tractor trailers full of hospital beds and other supplies arrived at the Glen Mills School Saturday as construction began on a Federal Emergency Management Agency medical site.

The pop-up hospital will be used to treat patients who don't have COVID-19 in order to create more space for treating coronavirus at hospitals in the area. Timothy Boyce, the director of emergency management in Delaware County, said an army of people will help set it up.

"Our trade unions supporting this, our volunteer organizations, the Army. I know the FOP is supporting this, so we have a lot of people pitching in. It's an organized project. It's run by the Army, which I'm sure will be run correctly," he detailed.

Boyce said the facility will be able to hold 250-300 patients in the school gym. The school's storage buildings and large refrigerators will also be vaulable resources.

Construction should take about 48 hours start to finish. According to Boyce, staffing will be managed by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Pennsylvania Department of Health. "The next 48 hours goal is to get the physical hospital ready to run and then staffing will be coming in over the next few days," he said.