First flakes fall in Philadelphia for 2019, PennDOT says it's ready

PennDOT preparation
Photo credit John McDevitt/KYW Newsradio

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- The first flakes are falling, and while it's not forecasted to be a major storm, PennDOT says it's ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

PennDOT's Brad Rudolph says they started preparing well before the work week even ended.

"We were able to pretreat area highways and expressways," he told KYW Newsradio. "We anticipate this storm coming in as snow, so that'll minimize some of the impact."

Once the snow starts falling, PennDOT has 320 trucks all set to go...with more on standby.

"Should it intensify, we have more than 130 trucks-plus to add on to that," said Rudolph. "We're good on materials, we're good on manpower. We always have to be prepared for a change in forecast."

It looks like the snow will be falling while most of us are asleep, which works in PennDOT's favor.

"High volume is not really good for us, we'll be sitting in traffic as well, so the timing of the storm is beneficial," Rudolph reiterated. "It's a good sign for us, we'll be able to complete our routes a little more efficiently without dealing with traffic or sitting in any kind of congestion."

Rudolph says you can always track where PennDOT plow trucks have been, and if you have to hit the roads, "watch your speed, take your time."