Phoenixville’s historic Colonial Theatre reopens, with new COVID-19 guidelines

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — The historic Colonial Theatre on Bridge Street in Phoenixville staged a “soft opening” last weekend under Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.

And, it’s hoping word will spread about the return of a theater experience.

“We thought this was a very good opportunity to see if people want a break, they want to get outside and they want to come and see a film,” said Bob Trate, marketing director for the nonprofit which runs the Colonial. “So, the space is there. We have over 600 seats in our old theatre, and then we’ve opened up the White Rabbit, which is around 170.”

He said some families and individuals – wearing masks, of course – told staff they found a comfort level in the precautions inside, with seating spread out to ensure social distancing.

“We have the social distancing stickers all over the floor, we have the patterns,” Trate explained. “Our house staff is scrubbing and cleaning everything. And, we even have the Oilworks DS-3000 Cold Fogger Sprayer. It’s fungicidal, it’s virucidal, it’s germicidal.

“It cleans everything and we do that after every show.”

But Trate said the Colonial board decided it would take the annual “Blobfest” virtual this weekend because of the large crowds it draws.

“Over the course of two to three days, it’s just not safe,” Trate said. “And, there’s no way that we can make sure everybody’s wearing a mask if they’re on the street.

“You know, the restaurants open up, we’ve got street vendors. So we decided that the best thing to do was to have it as a virtual event.”

The theatre, however, will still be open and showing “The Empire Strikes Back,” from the Star Wars series, Marvel’s “Black Panther,” and Pixar’s “Inside Out,” this weekend and through next week.

“If you want to come and see ‘Empire Strikes Back’ we have it showing throughout the week, twice a day,” Trate said. “And, you’re going to be far enough away from people that you’re going to feel comfortable that you’re going to have a good time. And, you’re going to get that break from reality that we all so desperately need right now.”

More information can be found at the Colonial Theatre website.