Judge will rule Tuesday on whether Philly officials can evict protest encampments

Jennifer Bennetch, one of the organizers of the Parkway encampment, speaking to reporters.
Photo credit Pat Loeb/KYW Newsradio

City solicitor Kristin Bray, however, said that is not a right to express views at all times, in all places, in any manner. 

She said the city was asking the protesters to move not because it disagrees with their message, but because the encampment compromises public health, safety and welfare. 

She said they have many other alternative avenues to protest that don’t include camping on public land.

Judge Eduardo Robreno allowed PHA to enter the case, since one of the encampments is on its property. 

Its attorney told the judge more harm would be done by letting that encampment stay than by allowing its removal because it’s holding up construction of a supermarket in an area that’s a food desert.

The judge took the unusual step of announcing the time of his decision, he said, so the attorneys didn’t have to keep checking their computers.